Libraries, Protocols

Déjà vu

Quickly detect already witnessed data. Offers deterministic and probabilistic implementation.

I was responsible for the entire design and implementation.



A trust-less micropayment channel protocol and implementation for couterparty assets.

I was responsible for the entire protocol design and implementation.

Source Code: core, lib, hub, client

Bitcoin Python Counterparty


A library to read/write data to bitcoin transactions as nulldata outputs. Also offers extra wallet/signing methods for convenience.

I was responsible for the entire protocol design and implementation.

Bitcoin Python


A simple library to partialy hash files.

I was responsible for the entire design and implementation.



Easily create a CLI and JSON-RPC interface from a common API definition.

I was responsible for the entire protocol design and implementation.


Sites, Apps, Tools


Mothership is an Estonia based crypto currency exchange.

I designed and implemented the exchange trading backend.

TypeScript JavaScrypt Google Cloud Platform


A Bitcoin wallet with the extra capability of managing colored coin assets.

I mostly contributed to the front end development of the web wallet.

Source Code: Web Wallet, Engine, Core

JavaScrypt React Colored Coins Bitcoin Gumby


Bitcoin Bounties is a site where anyone can easily post, fund or claim rewards with bitcoin.

I am the sole contributor to and also do all required administration.

Python Django Bootstrap Bitcoin Counterparty


An online, athletic travel magazine. Focuses on publishing fiction and nonfiction from writers all over the world.

Trainlessmagazine is the result of a practical Python/Django workshop I hosted. The goal was to teach Python/Django by creating a real website for an actual client. Students could see the entire development process and not just perfect isolated examples.

Source Code

Python Django Bootstrap


Bikesurf is a non profit web platform to enable free trust based bike sharing. It allows groups in a city to manage the borrowing of donated bicycles.

I am the sole contributor to bikesurf.org except for the homepage design.

Source Code

Python Django


Candiwi is a distributed wiki. The main difference is that changes to an article are only made when users accept them by popular vote.

I programmed a large share of the back end code. Primarily the integration of versioning system Mercurial used for article version tracking.

Source Code

Python Django Mercurial



A euclidean rhythm generator.

Lua Love2D

Micro Offensive

An ascending strategic shooter.

Lua Love2D

Love Chaos

A turn based strategy game prototype. Main focus of the prototype was to see if taking turns in parallel is fun.

Source Code

Lua Love2D


Cleanspace is an endless runner prototype. You control a little robot that removes space garbarge by bumping it out of orbit.

Source Code



A simple spelling puzzle game I made to learn Coffeescript and HTML5.

Source Code

CoffeeScript HTML5


A simple Tetris clone I made to learn game programming.

Source Code